Young Parisians [via Canada]!

[Or perhaps that should read ‘Young Canadians, Via Paris]. I am prone to focus on the geography of the bands we feature.  You may already have picked this fact up, should you have read other posts on Rip It Up.  You may know, then, that we have skewed our coverage recently toward Sweden and Poland, for no other reason than the volume of great music issuing forth from those countries.  But as I browsed Bandcamp this evening, having just purchased the excellent ‘Perfect’s Gonna Fall’ lp by The Gateway District [from Minneapolis if you’re interested], a terrible thought struck me…..why haven’t we EVER featured a French band or label? Not for any conscious reason, but purely because none has ever really come to our attention thus far.

Well I can go some way towards remedying that situation this evening, because I present to you a truly international release – Parisian label Guerilla ASSO issues forth a truly immense split 7″ ep by Prevenge, who hail from Montreal, [not France….Canada….] and Shared Arms, who are from Windsor, Ontario [errr….not France…..Canada].  And frankly, c’est magnifique.  Packing in a whole heap of energy and noise, Prevenge deliver punk rock in brutal spades, a thick, chunky sound which brings satisfaction in brief portions.  They have a great line in hooks and choruses, with a melodic USHC influence .

Shared Arms

Shared Arms, who have been going for some years and have a fair old roster of previous releases, play a faster, much more direct late 80s sound, please the listener by reminding them of a little touch of the UK’s Snuff in the mix.  This is a storming ep, and if there is one thing you do this Friday, then I suggest it is to place an order for this slab of hot punk.


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