Struggletown Records: Check ’em Out!

Struggletown Records are based in the great city of Glasgow, Scotland.  They are a small label approaching their first birthday, and they issue records that fall within the area of interest that Rip It Up operates, namely spirited hardcore punkeryness.  With this in mind, I felt that there are some things you ought to know about them, which may make you happier, slightly wiser and more pleasant in company.

I was made hip to Struggletown by Chris, who plays in Prevenge, the excellent Canadian hardcore outfit we featured a coupla days ago.  The ep I reviewed was also part released by Struggletown, and so, my interest piqued, I found out more.  What I have done is pick my favourites from the releases that they have put on Bandcamp, so that you can have a taster.  If you like it, then you may wish to check out this full blown sampler LP which is very reasonably priced and find out what’s going on in the sweaty, darkened halls of Glasgow.

Ok, first up is a release put out last year by a band called Wolves at Heart, the ep being titled ‘Write it Down‘.  This is a nicely melodic, hard hitting mid paced romp with plenty of energy.  A five tracker, ‘Write it Down’ showcases the band which consists of Keir – Guitar + Vocals, Matt – Guitar + Vocals, Shug – Drums and Ses – Bass.  A strongly US influenced sound, this lot make a fine racket with a definite Green Day / Lookout Records flavour in their music.

Wolves at Heart

Next, you need to check out another local band, No Island, whose eponymous ep presents five tracks of more straightforward hardcore punk disorder.  Mixing slow parts and fast, flat out ‘core, the songs crackle with an energy that makes the pit appear irresistible when your common sense is telling you otherwise.  This is great, loud, rude stuff, which is played by Ryan Drever, Mark McGregor, and Chris McGlynn Stu Ken.

No Island

The third selection is by Yeah Detroit, another Scottish hardcore band hailing from Fife area.  With a really quick tempo, melodic assault, their 2 track single was released last year and brings back memories of some of the post NYHC bands who injected a bit more tunefulness into their music such as Shelter, as well as a a sprinkling of some of the more commercial acts such as Hot Water Music.  I really dig this release and would be keen to hear more from this band.

Yeah Detroit


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