Monthly Round – Up: June 2012

Well, readers, once again what a month it has been! Since our last round – up, we’ve once again hurled a ton of banana skins and peanut shells against our cage wall; doom, pop punk, hardcore, live shows, beer drinking, being sick, the list goes on.  So here goes, let’s take a peek into the soiled bag of interest that Rip It Up has thrown up over the last 30 days:

We eschewed beer for the entire time it took to write an article about 80s/90s straightedge bands.

DeHud did a cracking post about some great punk bands parading a poppier sound

We interviewed Andrea, lead singer with Italy’s ace Manges

We featured a peek at up’n’coming Dutch stoner band, Menhir

Hold Tight/Tight Hold – two bands in one knocked us out!

Skatey chaos followed The Wallrides

Band of the Month…..Beyond Pink – tough female punkery from Sweden!

Beer was quaffed and OFF! were watched in Manchester.

As usual, with the online incarnation of Rip It Up now into its third month [and with great viewing figures, which are increasing all the time], we must say thank you to everybody who bothers to read our ramblings, and to the bands and labels who contribute! Cheers!


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