Slow and Low with Compel

If you are a regular reader of Rip It Up, you will know of our great love for slow, instrumental doom amongst other things.  Bands we have so far featured in this little sub genre include the marvellous Thorun from Wales, Slomatics, and Poland’s excellent trio of Major Kong, Belzebong and Dopelord.  There is something satisfying about digging heavy music that does not have the distraction of a lead singer and lyrics; you may think it leaves the song incomplete, and I agree that there is less ‘personality’ in such musics, but on the other hand, you can get down and nod along, as happy as a short legged labrador in mud. 

In this vein, I have been contacted by Joe Horne, guitarist in Summerville, South Carolina based doom band Compel; he informs me that this two – piece, which is made up of him and drummer Tim Davis, have a similar lack of need for a vocalist.

Compel released a three-track, eponymously titled ep in April this year, and it is an intriguing listen.  Eschewing identikit doom, the band show their musical chops in the way they trade complex, technical licks and structures.  No fools, they know that a doom band should be part heavy, part dreamy, part rocking; this music moves from psychedelia through straightforward heavy rock and into slow, battering stoner grooves with applomb.  I will let you make your own judgment on this band by including, as usual, their tracks below.  They are a pay what you want download, so give the boys some encouragement, and inspire them to further doom!


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