Billy Raygun – Self Titled LP

I have been recalling the days when summer meant listening to acres of punk rock vinyl, and trips down to London to buy rare imports from shops like Vinyl Solution and Rough Trade on Talbot Road.  Returning back home, there always seemed to be shows to go to and skating to be done – the innocence of youth!   Bands like Bullet Lavolta, Squirrel Bait, Scream, NoMeansNo and of course Screeching Weasel would offer the soundtrack to these long, warm days.  So it’s kind of refreshing when you find a modern day band who plays in the style that recalls those far-off times. 

DeHud mentioned Billy Raygun recently, and on 18th June the Portsmouth, New Hampshire pop punkers released their latest record on John Wilkes Booth Records.  It’s a summery affair, proffering ten tracks of buzzsaw punk rock.  Musically, this is fast, raw and uplifting stuff which I’m really digging.  Featuring members Zac Hateaux on guitar, vocals, Cakes handling bass and vocals, David Penn Solender hitting drums and Danny Banana on guitar, this four piece proffer a nicely produced sound that, although ostensibly labelled as ‘pop punk’, is in fact far more interesting than a load of Ramones covers.  Chucking influences that remind me of everything from Fugazi to NMN, Naked Raygun to Jawbreaker, this band produces snappy songs that put a smile on my jaded face.

I’m loving the basslines which drive the songs along, and the vocals which only just hold on to the tunes – this is classic, Descendents – type stuff. They have the energy and originality to pull off repeated songs without getting boring – and with this album they’ve created a cracking slab of hardcore in the proper style.

Check it out below and get it bought from here!


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