Free Hardcore, Buyer Collects

Hey! Stop what you’re doing right now, and listen up. I have information you need. I chanced upon an absolute killer compilation this morning on Bandcamp, which can be downloaded for free and which contains all killer, no filler hardcore bands! Wanna know more?

Still Alive is a clothing company based in Edinboro, Pensylvania in the US of A. Besides a killer line in t-shirts, they also have a collection of great bands showcased on this 24 track digital album. Featuring mainly melodic north eastern hardcore bands, they have a truly terrific collection here. While they are not yet a record label per se, they have put together this killer comp.

Stand out tracks come thick and fast – Caleb Lionheart present a fast, brief blast of hardcore whilst Real Friends‘ track ‘Everything I Never Want to Be‘ is a well produced gem of Dag Nasty-esque punk. I Was a Hero play mid paced melodic hardcore on ‘I Guess it’s Me‘; Major League do similar damage on ‘Subject to Change‘ – jeez, there’s just so much quality here. I feel like a snake which has just eaten a whole cow [a hardcore cow] – this will take a few days to fully digest.

Gage, head honcho of Still Alive, tells me a bit of background about how the lp came together:

“As of right now Still Alive is actually just a clothing company. Most of bands that appear on the comp are close friends of mine and they all cleared it with their labels (some are unsigned) and everyone was really excited about the idea of doing a free compilation so that’s how it all came together.”

Give this a listen, download it for free, and check out the various bands’ releases on Bandcamp for a great taster of this region’s up and coming and established acts. If Still Alive does become a full fledged label then they’d be well worth looking out for!


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