New Jam for Old Toast

In terms of what’s great at the moment, well I’ve been listening to a whole heap o’ stuff youngins.  So in a slight change of format, I thought I’d simply post some tips from my great big pile of punk and let you check them out, if you hadn’t already.  So, err, here goes!

Criminal Culture hail from the Tampa area of Florida, and have released a crackingly fine split 7″ with The Rubrics [more of them in a minute] on Get Better! Records.  Pretty different in style, Criminal Culture give it up in four tracks of tuneful hardcore laden with hooks and riffings.

Ok, as I’ve mentioned them, The Rubrics released their debut full-length album on 4th June.  I just love this.  It’s basic as hell, choppy, pogo inducing punk rock of the finest quality, with messy shared vocals, fuzzy guitar and that whole late 80s Gilman Street vibe about it, think Crimpshirine for example.  The band, and indeed the label, are fully about the DIY aspects of the punk scene, and they say:

“Our songs are a reaction to what we find important/frustrating (socially/politically/humanitarian) and are meant to uplift and celebrate DIY culture/tolerance/people, but always remember to research/think for yourself…”

Get this, it’s a pay what you want release from a dollar up!

Next up is New Haven’s Dead Uncles.  Here is a band with a number of ep’s and split releases behind them, now putting out their first album which was released on 13th June.  A 10 tracker, this is an energy filled, straight down the line hardcore album with all sorts of great ingredients – it’s the kind of stuff that makes you tap your foot and get a big smile, with just-about-on-the-note vocals, slightly muddy sound but an all prevading sense of purpose.  This is a cracker and as far as I can ascertain it’s a cassette release by We Rise records. You should also check out the truly disturbing world that is the Dead Uncles message board – which seems to be a word document with various random scribblings of the most unsettling nature on it!

Finally for this morning a real oldie, but one which has recently been popped onto Bandcamp, and worth a mention because a] it’s great Ramones-y, Weasel-y pop punk, and b] it’s a free download.  Way to Go were another Noo Hampshire band who ended in 2009, but not until they’d got Jim Tierney and Joe Queer to produce this cracker.  Richard, the former guitarist of the band, filled me in on a bit of their history and the present:

“We broke up cos I moved to MLPS. Brad is now in the Connection (NH) and Calvin moved to Boston, and I think he was in a band called the Cryptics?? Brad was in the Rydells and Calvin was the original Billy Raygun drummer (Seasick 7”)  I live in NH again but don’t have a band. WTG mighhhhht play a reunion show just to have some fun with a buncha other NH bands, but who knows when.
We have another Ramonesier album and did a four way split called “Dangerous Games” too that I’m going to upload someday.”

This really is my instant favourite album for a long time, and I’m kicking myself for not picking up on it sooner!!


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