Shed the past….

For a too short a time there was a UK punk band called The Steal. They put out 2 LPs [S/T & Bright Grey] and a couple of singles of the finest punk songs you’ll ever hear – each one a blizzard of tunefullness; cracking and creaking with energy and enthusiasm [and bright, positive lyrics without the S/Edge preachy finger pointing bit].

Then in 2009 they stopped. “This repetition will be the death of me” “Shed the past…Keep moving forward” they had sung – easy for them to say!….Not ones for resting on their laurels, multiple music and art projects were pursued by all members with 2 of them ending up in Pacer, who now have their 1st full length out. Unlike here at Rip It Up, they have matured; slowed down a bit [shame!] and now fill out the frame of their [still well crafted] songs to produce a really strong release which I hope I go back to as much as I do with their old stuff.


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