[Zombie] School’s Out!

Today’s musical interlude is actually a really old one.  A post I picked up on the PPMB advised me of the fact that this had been uploaded to Bandcamp, a full decade after its release.  That’s some delay! But the band is Last Chucks, who are still going today.  They decided to make this a free download to celebrate the good ol’ 4th July 2002 release date for the album. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the three – piece features members Mike “Last” Cammarata on guitar and vocals, Daniel Dorris on bass and backup vocals and David “Goose” Bilsland on drums.  Mike served in The Queers and hence has a pedigree in the kind of tuneful hardcore pop-punk that this band proffers.  The well-tested formula – 2 to 3 minute songs, singalong choruses, harmonies aplenty rarely alters throughout the impressive 18 tracks on offer on this album, released on Diner Junkie Records.  It reminds me, as you would expect, of early to mid – period Weasel or Queers, which is of course not a bad thing at all.

Anyway, if you were expecting some kind of ‘sadly they’re now long gone, none of them plays in a band and Mike farms turkeys in Atlanta‘ kind of story, it would appear that the all the evidence points in another direction entirely.  In fact, the band is still going, and they have released a split 7″ ep with The Evil Eye in February this year, and now in late June a new track, ‘Homeless Romantic’, which is a bit of a change in style, being a lot slower and more considered.

Mike informs me of their current news:

“We’ve recently been in the studio, working on a new full-length, St/Art A/N r/eVoLuTIOn, which is a huge departure from the Zombie High sound. They are also in the process of putting together a bunch of songs (old, from comps, unreleased, etc.) for a digital release titled, dig it, Al.”

I’ve included a sampler of the first album below, but you may also like to wander over to Diner Junkie Records’ website and check out their other stuff too.


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