Guerilla Factions!

When I asked the question ‘why do we never hear about any French punk bands?‘, I didn’t expect to be answered so convincingly. You may recall that I discovered a lot of great stuff released by Parisian label Guerilla – Asso, which you can get hip to by clicking the link. Well Till, who runs the label, has been in touch and has very kindly caused a nice, thick package of punk rock to plop onto my doormat – and so I thought you should know about it here.

Till has sent me a package containing real vinyl records, which in these days of digital everything is exciting news indeed. And what I found when I ripped the envelope open excitedly was two pristine 7″ releases, both with beautiful packaging, inserts, inner sleeves and lovely coloured vinyl. It bode well for my listening. So here goes:

First to emerge, like a writhing pupa from the dying shell, is ‘The Clownwars‘ ep by French band Pink Flamingos. A 5 track release, this is a few months old but showcases this Le Harvre based three-piece, who have knocked out a set of mid paced energetic hardcore. The band, comprising Bertrand on Guitar/Vocals, Gilou hitting Drums/Vocals and Jiel on Bass/Vocals, started up in 2008. Offering a melodic, pop-influenced sound that brings to mind Dopamines/Banner Pilot style tunes, they have popped out a decent ep.

The other 7″ that emerged blinking confusedly from the bubble wrapped envelope is a ‘fuck-you, I don’t care about your opinions’ kind of punk rock record that can only please the listener. ‘Maladroit Goes to Pouzza‘ is the title of this 4 tracker, by the band Maladroit. The motif used repeatedly by Maladroit on their sleeves is a chap wearing a duck mask [although it has in the past been a pig’s face as well], which is kind of like a low budget punk rock version of Deadmau5′ big mouse head, but of course far cooler. The lyric sheet reveals songwriting of a level that goes beyond what is required of a band – including the line ‘True punks play mini golf in the dark’.

Basic, raw and without pretension, this four piece, which seems to include label dude Till in its ranks, lays down fast, early Weasel style punk. It brings a smile to your face and you are forced to nod your head as the geeky lyrics, chugging guitar and irrepressible drumming assault you. It sounds exactly like music made by guys wearing duck masks would sound like. Just great!

So, for some really great punk rock, go check out Guerilla Asso’s site!


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