This is Deliberate Abuse!

Hailing from the Detroit area, much like the great Iggy himself, is a punk band called Deliberate Abuse. I stumbled upon them via Bandcamp and on listening to their tracks, found myself recalling the glorious days of yore when my buddies and I discovered bands like GBH, The Partisans, Circle Jerks, and such like. Basic, straight ahead punk and hardcore – there’s nothing like it. These guys have got that sound nailed – with an added dimension of speed and tightness, they have put out!

The latest releaase from D.A came in May this year, but I would also urge you to check out their back catalogue as well, as they’ve been about since ’97. This is the kind of music that forms Rip It Up’s collective DNA: basic, brutal, fast punk that examines you thoroughly from a distance, then says to you, in so many words, ‘Fuck You! I don’t care about your inflated opinions!

Check this out, it is truly a breath of fetid air!


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