Cause for alarm?

I might be venturing into murky waters here – but these old fuckers can still crank out a really good tune…

By dehud Posted in News

2 comments on “Cause for alarm?

  1. Oh fuck yeah. For a long time I wouldn’t get into Agnostic Front because I heard bad things about DMS and the NY scene, but then I just listened to them and they really fucking tear shit up.

  2. Dave, I still have a couple of their albums, one from about 86 and another Live at CBGB which that dude from In Effect recs flowed us when we were doing the printed zine in about 91. He also sent us Madball 7inch and I think some SOIA. That scene produced some great music back in the day, but they all seem to be so onto their violence now – just witness the Bloodclot stabbing incident a couple of weeks ago. It’s a strange scene to us Brits because we havent had anything much like it, it is as if the old British OI mentality has been revived and made even more bone headed!!!! Kind of what I wrote about recently in my piece about the skinheads.

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