Way back in the day [which would have been, errrr, 1987], I would sometimes travel with my skate buddy Allen all the way down to Romford in Essex, which for those of you outside the UK is a town kind of on the edge of London that had a great, original skate park.  Making a maximum of 60 miles an hour in his aged Yugo, which was one of those old East European cars built out of old Fiat parts, we would eventually arrive and marvel at the expanses of 1970s concrete that laid out before our eyes.  It ripped! And now, in order to remind me of this fact, I must mention Giants, a band from Essex who are all about punk rock and skating

“Born out of skateboarding and all other aspects of general teenage disorder, Giants is a positive punk/hardcore band from Essex, South East England”

I’ve posted the promo video for one of the tracks on the album, ‘Snakes’ – which is a great watch on its own, being a collection of crunchingly painful looking skate bails of the kind we all remember too well [remember Meanwhile Hud?]

These guys are just what I needed to fend off the last remnants of the cold I’m just suffering from.  A five – piece, they have cranked out enough tracks to release an album, due out in a few weeks.  ‘These Are The Days’, released on 17th September, promises to rip.  This is right up there with the first time I heard The Steal – they have just blown me away!  Check it out is all I can say, and if they let us know, we’ll keep you up to date with what they do.  Following on from their eponymous debut ep, and a cracking split ep with Evita, released about a year ago, they’re definitely a band to watch.  The progression from the earliest release to this album is noticeable.

So – stop whatever you’re doing, listen hard and crank THIS up really loud!


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