I’m Dead Broke!

That’s not too far from the truth actually.  But hey! Enough of my personal moaning already! I’m back in punking mode now following my holidays, and so I want to let you know about the great stuff that’s out on Long Island’s Dead Broke Reckids.  The label has a decent enough catalogue of releases, and of the more recent ones you might like to take a listen to these.

First off we have Unfun, whose new 7″, entitled ‘Caroline‘, is described intriguingly as:

“Devastating and melodic, rough-around-the-edges, drug-induced pop-punk from the depths of Vancouver, Canada. Filthy, sludgey, desperate punk rock dragged through a shit-storm of dirt & regret.”

The title track clocks in at an impressive, prog rock 8 minutes long, but I like the rough round the edges sound these guys have produced.

A three-piece, this band proffer a slightly abrasive but melodic band of hardcore that I’m digging in the kind of way I used to dig the UK’s Filler, but with hints of Husker Du¨and even Squirrel Bait.  Three of the four tracks were released on a UK e.p by Not Shy of the DIY and Drunken Sailor records, which you can check out here.

Also filled with Weasel-ish energy are Boston’s Awful Man, whose recently released 5-track ep – ‘Waiting for the Tanks to Come Rolling In‘ provides a dose of melodic punk with hooks aplenty.  A 4-piece, the also released another ep last year entitled ‘New Ways To Say F*ck Off’ [Sic].

With a slightly dirty, raw sound, these two releases please whilst also leaving you wanting more.  The vocalist has that nice raspy voice that sounds a bit like Chris Barrows of The Spears/Pink Lincolns – Chris being one of my fave vocalists of all time in punk rock!

Dead Broke are also re-releasing the 1997 album ‘Never Been Caught‘ by the snotty punk rockers The Criminals, which can only be a good thing….so go check ’em out.  They also have a great web store where they sell their own stuff plus distro for other labels too!


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