The Spears Live DVD

The Spears are one of my fave bands, combining as they do the talents of former members of DRI [former drummer], Down by Law, Hated Youth and of course their fantastic lead singer, the legendary Chris Barrows, who used to sing for Pink Lincolns.  So enjoy, and await the new album that is rumoured to be in the pipeline – can it get any better than the last one?  Apparently it features the one and only Gregg Ginn guesting on guitar!  In the meantime they have released a live DVD which look like it is well worth a look.

And here is the Bandcamp stream of ‘Shove’, their debut album, which I have to say has hardly been off my IPod for weeks.  If you didn’t buy this album then check out what you’ve been missing – it’s the best, sleaziest punk rock I’ve blasted my eardrums with in ages!


2 comments on “The Spears Live DVD

  1. Not often I’ll openly admit to agreeing with you rePaul, but you were bang on with this one! – this Spears LP is sensational no doubt. It’s been on heavy rotation here aswell – & It’s taken me this long to realise that it’s got that great crafted sound just like old faves The Angry Samoans.

  2. Oh yeah! It’s:

    a) Pissed as all hell about shit
    b) Fast, but sometimes slow
    c) Catchy as all get out
    d) Done by guys who have served their time

    And so…..what’s not to like!!

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