Slomatics New Album Due Soon!

It’s been a while since either DeHud or I sat back on our respective charity shop armchairs, popped a Tennents Super and cracked open a Doom jam on the stereo.  Regular readers of Rip It Up will know that in between the piles of punk we throw around, we are both fond of slow, low and downtuned music too.  And so, as I reported some weeks ago, we can now look forward to another hotly awaited release.  This one is coming from Northern Ireland’s excellent Doom mongers, Slomatics, who are due to release their 3rd Album in September 2012 on 12″ by Head Of Crom and CD by Burning World/ Roadburn Records.

Entitled ‘A Hocht‘, this is an 8 track slab of heavily downtuned doom, which makes me salivate when I play the teaser track, attached below.  Coming with a killer cover design by Tony Roberts, this album continues the theme which I wrote about in my review of their split with Conan, whereupon I felt that the music summoned the righteous spirit that lies within rock ‘ n roll:

“My experiences have led me to conclude that the Lester Bangs / Julian Cope view, that there is a Righteous path that some music takes you down, is essentially correct.  There is a certainly a purifying element in the brutality of the music that Slomatics play; somehow, because it is so slow, so low and so brutal it transcends normal judgments that we make about any song we hear.  This has the magic ingredient – the thing that bands like the MC5 and Sunn, for example, were shrewd enough to see – that some musics are attuned so that they reach our [essentially Pagan] souls and, by arriving there, impart their message directly.  Slomatics have decided that, in this weakened state, any information that they pass to the listener will bypass their learned conditioning, and go straight into their brain!  Awlright!”

The guys have spent the summer playing live, often in the company of Liverpool doom lords Conan, and indeed they are due to play Edinburgh together on 11th August.  Check out the sample track below and get an order lined up for when this monster drops!



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