Sectarian Violence

Y’know, sometimes perusing Bandcamp and the like for new and exciting music is a bit like going fishing – some days you sit for ages fruitlessly listening to bands who sound like the Duracell bunny is playing a single toy snare drum in a darkened room while a grown man cries over the top.  Other times, you come home with your wellingtons full of stinking water, your belly full of Special Brew and a massive cod under your arm.  [It’s a myth that cod is a sea fish, you know, they are only ever caught individually in fresh water].  Today, I have managed both – I played two seconds of some ‘crust’ compilation and moved on after the horrific noise started.  Then I found this.

You may recall, because you are a regular and conscientious reader of everything that we publish on Rip It Up, that I did a feature on Grave Mistake Records – a cracking stable of punk rock bands in the proper style, who would undoubtedly give the hipster brigade a Doc Marten in their chino clad groins.  Well here’s another band I missed first time round – Sectarian Violence, an intercontinental straight edge hardcore punk band comprised of members of bands from the US (COKE BUST), the UK (NEVER AGAIN), and Sweden (STAY HUNGRY).

As the label blurb describes them –

“Fast, raw, pissed off hardcore drawing influences from 80’s hardcore like THE ABUSED, LIFES BLOOD, NEGATIVE APPROACH, or early AGNOSTIC FRONT, with a contemporary take on the genre similar to more recent bands like VIOLENT MINDS or DEAD STOP. Raging fast parts combined with hard hitting breakdowns, all of which are executed with desperation and urgency of those classic 80’s bands. Lyrically the topics cover a range of social and political issues, both globally and locally, seething with the frustration and anger that makes hardcore and punk still relevant in 2012.”

I’m always up for a decent bit of straightedge – musically at least, due to my love of beer – these boys don’t disappoint.  Slow, thumping parts made me form my own one man circle pit, and once I had got the dog running round with me, fast breakdowns caused an eruption of punk, with the energy levels on the rise, that had me recalling early Agnostic Front.  They’re political too – they tell us that:

“Sectarian Violence is five hardcore punks that come from three different countries. Through touring, arranging shows and doing fanzines we got to know each other and came to realize that we wanted to do a band together. A band that would throw hardcore and straight edge into a social and political context”.

Check this out, it is ‘can’t go wrong punk’ as far as I’m concerned!


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