New Dopethrone!!!

Waiting at the checkout at the supermarket yesterday. Behind an old lady with a basket containing a cabbage, a tin of of tuna [in brine] and a bottle of sherry. A shriek from the cashier!!! I feel a warm sensation between my toes and look down; I’m stood in in a pool of dense, fetid urine flooding down from the old lady’s stockings . She turns to me, flashes a rancid gummed toothless smile and hands me a package – “It’s the new Dopethrone album”…………


2 comments on “New Dopethrone!!!

  1. Are you sure it wasn’t you who had the accident in the supermarket, [Mark]?

    You know how the steam cleaning gear sometimes gets your clothes damp. And then, little accidents. So sad.

  2. hmm maybe… I have leakage issues and i’m proud of it !!. I think the punk scene is sweeping the Bladder Control issue under the carpet again….

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