What Would Milo Say?

Ahh, the Descendents.  What a band.  Tight, fast, tuneful as hell and with great, self-deprecating lyrics from the one man cult that is Milo Aukerman.  A ton of classic releases in the 80s, then after they split, along came All and they did it all over again.  So I guess in these tribute band/album obsessed times it was inevitable somebody would do it eventually – and here it is……Audioslam Records have produced a tribute album to the Descendents featuring a variety of different bands…..and it’s just great!

Photo: descendentsonline.com


The label is from Chile I think, and whether all the bands are South American I’m not sure, but I think they might be…..which adds another element of coolness to the whole proceedings!  All the aces are here, and they’re done to differing degrees of competence, but the spirit of the whole album is infectious as hell, and it makes me smile.  Check it out!


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