Hell Comes Home

I thought I would mention a cracking 7″ release I came across that you might like.  I’ll be checking out some more stuff from Hell Comes Home Records in the near future, but for now, just check out this split ep by Burning Love and Fight Amp.  It’s sludgy, heavy and hardcore.  What more ingredients could we want in our kit of punk parts?

Ok, so what are we looking at here?  Let’s start with Burning Love.  Formed in Toronto, Canada in 2007, these boys have form, with members of former sludge band Our Father in evidence – and it shows with the heavy, downtuned attack of this single.  A five piece, featuring the superbly named Easton “The Business” Lannaman on drums, they have put out on this release.  Check their sound below.

Fight Amp, on the other hand, are a three-piece from Noo Joisey, USA.  They’ve recently released their third album, Birth Control, and they really kick ass with a dose of super-low tuned, sludgy hardcore that kind of brings to mind Torche and their ilk.  This is nice.

Just play these loud, ok?


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