Naughty Girls Rule!

I’ve been doing my usual thing, following links from one place to another.  And the weird looking beetle that crawled out of the latest stone I moved was another band from Canada, this time from Montreal.  Naughty Girls, who are by all accounts buddies of the band I featured earlier today – Toronto’s excellent School Jerks, have put out a couple of slabs of fuckin’ great, basic, fast punk rock.  Get this!

Rarely have I been so excited by one day’s worth of band discoveries.  If you imagine the following, you might get an idea of how I felt.

You sit down on a garden chair, the sun blazing down on your head.  You crack open a can of cold beer, and slap The Germs on your stereo, just loud enough to annoy the neighbours.  As Darby Crash wails through another basic punk classic, you fumble around and, as the beer hits, you change the track to The Stooges, and play a bit of Metallic K.O., the bit where Iggy, covered in blood, gets attacked on stage by some angry bikers.  Then, as you pop another can, you move on again, this time to The Plasmatics, then The Ramones, then some Poison Idea, then ‘Police Story’ by The Partisans… now you’re getting out of control, a kind of one man [or woman] punk rock riot. 

Yep, this is the stuff.  No pretensions, no ‘look at me I’m in a punk band’, just punk played the way it should be.  Dig it!


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