Mangel! Desperat.

In my 30 some years of being ‘into hardcore’ and all its many strands, I have witnessed many sub, sub-sub, and quite probably sub-sub-sub genres being created. And it would seem that the Swedes are doing a pretty good job of keeping this tradition alive, what with their unique and fabulous take on Stoke on Trent D-Beat, Kång, and also Mangel! I’ve got to be the first to admit that I’ve no idea what the fuck the last two are all about, but I like them all the same. And so, here is Desperat. They fucking rip!

Now I’m as likely as the next man to start going on about ‘back in 1984 when I bought blah blah blah…‘ – but I remember well the raw, visceral thrill of listening for the first time to Terveet Kadett, Rattus, and the legendary Huvudtvått whom I sought out on the pages of Maximum Rock ‘n ‘ Roll, and later via the gossip on the Huddersfield/West Yorkshire hardcore scene via various contacts and punk/skate buddies at the time. Yep, in those days the whole Scandinavian scene was a massive influence on hardcore in the UK [ironic, considering that they had themselves been influenced by bands like Discharge].

The slightly muddy, always dark sound and the brutal ‘we insist’ attitude of the Scandi bands was always refreshing when you got too full of bullshit. Go forward a few years and you got the crust scene, with bands like Doom and ENT happily admitting significant Swedish influences. Desperat themselves are a band who have served time in various other notable hardcore outfits, including Mob 47.

So, sit back in your shabby 80s armchair, crack open a Becks, haul your ageing leather jacket onto your knees and stroke it fondly whilst you imagine a small, hot, sweaty club with incessant strobe lighting, beer on the floor and a sea of studded leather jackets and bristles rubbing against your face and immerse yourself in the following bloody fabulous punk rock of the most D-Beat proportions. This is so good. Enjoy these, and play it loud – and remember – Once hardcore always fucking raw hardcore!

**Note: When I was editing this post, I accidentally pressed play on both EPs at the same time – it was incredible!
**Note: Ahem….DeHud also lets me know that he featured Desperat before in his earlier article here.….


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