How could Punk be any Worse?

I remember many years ago in MRR there was a feature on a band from San Fransisco I think, their name escapes me – if I remember I’ll pop it up here.  They lamented in the interview because each member’s personal life was beset with disasters, and the bassist had ‘recently been mauled by a dog, and his life severely damaged’.  Their lp, I think, was called ‘How could life be any worse?’ which seemed to be a genuine sentiment on their part.  Now we have this release from Madrid’s fantastic ‘No Ways’ – who have asked ‘How could Punk be any Worse’?

By the way, since you ask the injuries sustained in the horrific vacuum packing machine accident are healing nicely now.

Check this out – it reminds me of a whole load of stuff, including Ohlo Seco, Black Flag, a hint of Disorder from waaaay back in the 80s.  It should be re titled ‘How could Punk be any Better?’…..and it’s free ferfuckssake!  Also, click on the player to get their other releases off Bandcamp too.


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