Back in time with Samiam

Yet again I start a post with the ubiquitous ‘way back when’ theme!  Jeez, it must be like reading the ramblings of some old check shirted, false teeth in a jar grandpa sitting on his rocking chair on the porch, recalling fond memories of losing brothers and sisters to TB, the joy of cold baths in front of the fire and the great depression!  But hey, I am what I am, and I’m a product of my time.  So as I was saying, back in the day [the ninetys today, as opposed to the 80s for once], one of the bands commonly exposed to us avid MRR readers was Samiam.  Formed in the late 80s from the ashes of those Gilman Street regulars Isocracy, the band went through a cast of thousands in terms of members, and after a lengthy lay off started touring again a couple of years ago.

After this, they released a cracking new album, Trips, in 2011, and this set of demos from their earlier years has just come out – which makes me all nostalgic for the whole Lookout! period way back then! See how far they have progressed.


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