Think about the most punk record you ever heard.  I mean, not the heaviest, or the fastest, or the band with the biggest mohawks, but the most all-out, fuck you punk rock sounds you could imagine.  Got one yet?  Here’s a starter – ‘What we do is secret’ by The Germs.  Another one? ‘The Number One’ by Poison Idea.  But there are loads.  Anyway, you go and make up your own list – I want to tell you about a label which has a few punk rock gems lurking on it – the label in question being Deranged Records from Canada.

The lead singer of Brain Tumours being hit by a chair, photo by Adam deGross.

Let’s not beat about the bush here – let’s get right down to business.  Starting with recent release [8th September 2012] ‘Fuck you Forever’ by Brain Tumours.  This is just fabulous – full on, all out punk rock in which the band members can barely keep up with each other, such is their level of pissed-offness.  This is a six track ep which boasts only one song clocking in at over two minutes – like a furious version of The Ergs.  Just get this – pure punk up your ass!

Ok, keeping up the pace is the eponymous ep by Total Trash – which sounds like it was recorded in somebody’s smoky bedsit with the drummer playing Huntley and Palmer biscuit tins and the guitar sounds as if it is played via a transistor radio,  Barely discernible vocals complete the picture – the two tracks available here, ‘Josef K/Opiates’ and ‘Hollow Eyes/The Last Man’ sound a bit like early Extreme Noise Terror crossed with early Stupids in a bizzarre wrestling match at Murrayside Youth Club.  These guys are playing punk by rules that nobody has got round to inventing yet!!!!  All I can say is, this is utterly, utterly wonderful.

Next, and perhaps most notably because of the fact that there are 28 tracks on the album, is a release by Sweden’s D.S -13, entitled ‘Vad vet vi om Kriget?’  What can I say?  I’m running out of superlatives as I sit here at the Mac with a massive grin on my face – this is just bloody great!  Never has a label been more appropriately named.  All-out, barely controlled thrashy punk in the good old Swedish tradition.  Just play it ok?  Yes, all 28 tracks! Loud!

Finally, and again released early September, ‘Criminal Code’ by Criminal Code, who I believe hail from Tacoma.  Basic, tightly played punk rock with chiming, almost Killing Joke style guitaring singes the listener’s ears, yet at the same time pleases.  Cracking stuff again.  I just implore you to spend some time stocking up on Deranged! releases… heard it here first!


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