Bands, Labels, Submit Music and News Here!

Bands, Labels, People with Something to Say – Get in Touch!

If you are in a band, or run a label, or otherwise want your music heard, we are always happy to accept your news [wherever in the world you are!] . Just fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

A Few Pointers:

  • We’re all about good music. That tends to be punk, pop punk, hardcore, also we like a bit of doom, stoner-y kind of stuff, all of which you’ll know by looking at the type of bands we’re featuring.
  • We are not about ‘message’ music – remember, both DeHud and I lived through the Anarcho-punk gloom of the 1980s and consequently, having had our ears ravaged by preachy punks for many aeons, have no wish to feature bands who polemicise or use their music as a ranting platform, whether this be left wing or right wing. We’re as apolitical as you can be on this blog, and music is what matters.
  • If you’re a new band, do yourselves a few favours. A Bandcamp page, or Soundcloud, allows people like us to embed your release into the page, thus opening up a far wider audience to your music. Sadly, proprietary sites such as myspace and the appalling Facebook band apps do not let us do this, so it’s putting you at an immediate disadvantage.
  • We NEVER post music directly on the site – people who post hooky rips of other bands’ music and links to illegal fileshare sites are tossers plain and simple. We believe that people should have the chance to buy your music, or get it free only if you say they can.
  • Presentation – make an effort! The bands that wow sites like this are the ones with a music host as described above, a well maintained Facebook presence, possibly a Twitter feed if you’re trying to keep cats up to date with what you’re doing, and even a band website. Believe me, nothing is more dispiriting than hearing a promising band, only to discover that there is no information / press photos that won’t cause copyright issues / contact details anywhere on the web!
  • I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can [I have a day job too!] and the principle is ‘don’t call us‘ – we listen to a lot of music, and if we like you, we’ll more than likely post a feature. But please bear in mind that I cannot promise this, given the amount of stuff we get!
  • On that last point, I prefer to feature releases that are pretty recent, say within a month of their release date. If you’ve an older release but are working on new stuff, then let us know, it’s not a problem!


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