Hud’s Artwork

A major feature of Rip It Up at the time, and even to this day, was Hud’s unique artwork.  Only ever happy sat at his drawing board with Rotrng pens and a can of Tennents Super lager, he cranked out sheets of weird drawings whose meaning was only ever really known to him. 

I posted some recent images on the main blog page, and the response was quite startling [people liked the drawings, as opposed to the usual response of wanting to punch him].  So I thought a page should be dedicated to some of the artwork that has graced our pages over the years.  Contact us for any offers [frames can be provided] or commissions.

Above: Rip It Up Logo, 2012.  No idea what the symbolism of the goat is, but it beats the weasel every time!

Above: Rear cover of 3-Dee fanzine, 1992 [the clue is in the strap line I guess].

Above: Artwork from 3-Dee fanzine, 1992.

Above: Cartoon, fuck knows what it means, 3-Dee fanzine, some time on 1992.  Probably the product of Tennents Super lager, mushrooms and some remaining acid tabs……

Above: Cartoon, random, 2012.

Above: ‘Undisputed King of the Hipsters’, based on a chap DeHud observed one morning, described by him as:

“As well as the obligatory burgundy – carrot chinos/v neck t-shirt/no socks/moccasins/flicky hair/beard he had a raincoat on – with….wait for it……: METAL STUDS ON THE SHOULDERS!!!!!!”


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