Belgian Doom War

Right then.  I’m just back from the big city of London, and I’ve been involved in all sorts of exertions involving running the British 10k.  After standing in the rain for an hour and a half waiting to start whilst being assaulted by the sounds of Heather Small singing on the top of a double decker bus, we got going and I clocked a rather decent time of 48 minutes and 45 seconds.  That’s enough sports jock bragging – I am also here to step up what will inevitably become a doom war! 

Did you hear me? I said this is Doom War!

If you’re as old as me then you might have heard of a band called Magma.  Way back in the early 1970s, this French jazz-rock powerhouse was a real cult outfit, featuring as it did the twin massive talents of drummer Christian Vander and bassist Jannick Top.  They were so into their ecological jazz concept trip that they invented a parallel reality, a utopian planet [Kobaïa] for whose people they even created a language – Kobaïan.  But [and this is compressing the fascinating story rather massively] things turned sour after some highly regarded albums, when the two men took their musical differences to an entirely new level.  It is said that Christian Vander declared Magic War on Top, and in a truly prog rock fit of dudgeon, they each rented a castle on adjoining hill tops in Spain in order to simmer with rage and to plot and wage their Magic War on each other.  This reached its zenith, as Julian Cope explains in his mandatory rock’n’roll history/autobiography, ‘Repossessed’,

the original group had come to a stunning and savage conclusion in Spain after a wild magic battle between Magma’s leader, the percussionist Christian Vander, and the epically named bass player, Jannik (sic) Top. Vander had rented a hilltop castle for his own uses, which had annoyed Top’s ego. He had rented a similar place within sight of Vander and the two proceeded to wage magic war upon one another. [Magma’s manager] Martin Cole told of how he had ended driving from one castle to another trying to patch the band up, only to discover Jannik Top with serious chest wounds, screaming that Vander had caused him to tear his own chest open.……

…when Jannik Top awoke one Spanish morning to discover that his former partner/boss had caused him to rip open his own chest during the night, whatever despair he then lived through must have eventually been overtaken (perhaps much much later) by the realisation that, together in temporary unity, a bass player and a drummer had not only glimpsed that Kobaian Utopia which they had projected into the heavens – but, like Igjugurjuk himself, they had sustained long enough to visit that imagined planet and its Utopian culture and bring us all back a piece

Why, although important from a Righteous point of view, is this at all relevant to this article? 

I’ll tell ya why.  Because if DeHud thinks he can trump my recent punk avalanche with his awesome pick of Belgian doom, then I’ve gotta roll out the big guns, right?  Well here they are then.  This ain’t Magic War, Holmes.  This is Doom War! 

Did you hear me? I said this is Doom War**!

You want Belgian?  You want heavy?  You want downtuned?  You need SardoniS.

SardoniS was formed in the summer of 2006.  They’ve released a 4 song 7”EP on September 1st, 2008 which was highly acclaimed by both national and international press.  To promote the EP, SardoniS did a load of gigs in the winter and spring of ’08/’09, sharing stages with Grand Magus, Torche, Pelican, Kylesa, Coalesce and Voivod.  That’s a heavy heritage which gives you a taster of what this band is all about.  With two 7″ releases and a new album just out their discography is increasingly impressive.

Shattering, bludgeoning power issues from this music, black in colour, and birds of all nightmarish kinds fly out of the cold, dark void that is created as a result.  Heaviness is redefined by such doom – and they’re only a two-piece for goodness sake!  And despite the onslaught, they manage a varied collection of music.  It’s lighter in some places, with acoustic guitars making a nervous appearance, and yet the after a brief lull we are off again into the land of dinosaurs and weird creatures as the music crushes our senses.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes all out death metal, SardoniS are never dull.

Check this release out, it will scare you senseless, but all the time, your senses will be battered by rage, yet pleased by the hot, intense experience.

**Foot Note: As you will see from the comments on this thread, DeHud has dismissed my invocation of a doom war.  Although I am a little bit disappointed, it is also a relief, because it would have involved increasing work on both our parts to raise the doom levels on Rip It Up in general, so perhaps it is best that we agree like gentlemen to leave it here.  I guess it’s time to balance things out with some more punk rock then, folks!