Let Dopelord into your Life…

Lublin, a city that sits in Eastern Poland, must have something strange in the water.  You may recall, if you are a dedicated reader of Rip It Up, how we featured the city’s immense Major Kong, who purvey a slow, stoner-y sound that suggests much too long spent in second hand record shops and a liking for rare herbs.  Well, I can tell you that I have recently been contacted by another band based in Lublin, this one called Dopelord, who are also immense, slow, downtuned and frankly bloody wonderful.

Dopelord consist of four members – Klusek – bass, Mroku – guitar, Arek – drums and my new contact, Miodek – who handles guitar and voices – although the main output of the band is that wonderful instrumental attack that we so loved with Major Kong.  Think dark, seedy club, low, green lighting, a haze of smoke flickering around candles, and lusciously thick, slow, downtuned riffiage.  This is a mixture of potent forces from all the ages of music, including St Vitus, Sabbath, Fu Manchu and as I have remarked before, a touch of the stand up righteousness of the Holy MC5.

Seven thick slabs of riffs are presented to the listener in this release, entitled ‘Magick Rites‘.  The songs ooze a strange, very intense green juice which might be a herbal extract.  They just don’t let up – this is what guitars were invented for.  What Dopelord have understood in their herbally enlightened state is that the stringed instrument was put on the earth to impart a higher form of consciousness to the human mind, thus enabling us to rise above the pettiness and pointlessness of our day to day endeavours.  Fuzzed out, distorted, wah-wah crazed chords just rain down on you as you listen, stunned, but pleased by your new found perspectives.

What I know is that, whilst you are in this state, which you have entered simply by clicking on the ‘play’ button of the Bandcamp widget below, you will realise that $3 is a pitifully small price to pay for such a stunning album of heaviness.  Get it – now, before I click my fingers and wake you up!