Sequoia: Doom it Up!

Another big rage last summer was Poland’s Major Kong.  Providing us with an immense dose of slow doom, they ticked mine and DeHud’s palates with the superb ‘Doom for the Black Sun’ release.

Well, the Polish doom scene shows no signs of abating, and while Rip It Up napped, they sneaked out a new track back in February entitled ‘Sequoia’.  Building on their previous melodic outing, they have delved even deeper into the dark pit this time, with the track oozing a stoned, confused mix of guitars and fuzzed up bass, all held together by Bonham-esque drums.  The emphasis this time around seems to be less on heaviness and more ‘rock’ orientated, [it even goes off on a Hawkwind-esque reverie at about 8 minutes] but it’s a great track for sure and hopefully serves as a portent of exciting new material to come.

Check this out:



Awesome Kong! Sludge Attack from the East!

Like your music slow, dirty, distorted and sludgy? Then….Urgent! You’ve got to get hip to the sounds of Major Kong!!! They are an instrumental doom metal trio from Lublin, Poland. Starting up for business in 2010, the band was initially formed as a project alongside their parent band – Fifty Foot Woman. Their recorded output so far consists of a 4 track EP “Orogeneis”, and the awesome album featured below, “Doom for the Black Sun”. This is their debut album made in 2012.

The three piece band, made up of Dominik Stachyra on massive, distorted bass, Michał Skuła handling downtuned guitar and Paweł Zmarlak smashing the drums, these guys play a trippy, spaced-out version of the blues, with lots of weird interludes and cracking musicianship. Massive, epic songs lasting up to ten minutes showcase a diverse range of influences including a bit of jazz, blues, and full-on sludge metal. Rather like the awesome Thorun from Wales, these guys have no need for all that lead singer nonsense. They just get their heads down, shake their lanky locks and beards and fucking well rock out. Awlright!

Check out the tracks on the album, below, and invest $3 in their fantastic debut album! Let’s hope we’re going to be hearing a whole heap more of this righteous sludge.