Back to Poland Again: Satellite Beaver

I’ve had a few days off from the website.  As I mentioned on Saturday’s brief post, I’ve been up in the sweltering heat of the home of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Liverpool, paying my northern counterpart, DeHud, a visit.  The vague plan was to catch up, compare notes on music, and drink some beer.  We ended up doing all the above, as well as  completing a 15 mile sponsored walk in the giddying sun, and we almost saw the mighty Iron Witch, our attempt being sadly frustrated at the last minute due to the venue being closed down the night before.  Now, I’m back home and ready to breathe some life back into Rip It Up.   And I shall start by going, unashamedly, back to one of our favourite countries right now to alert you to a band called ‘Satellite Beaver‘ who hail from Warsaw. 

If you are a regular reader, then you’ll already know about our love for bands such as Major Kong, who have hit on that mighty doom style sound, but mixing it up also with unusual and interesting styles that you might not expect when listening to many of the identikit doom bands doing the rounds at the moment.  Thus, I was refreshed by the discovery of the new release by Satellite Beaver, entitled ‘The Last Bow‘ EP.   The band, comprising Szymon who handles vocals and  guitar, Tomek on guitar and Robert on drums, [they are currently searching for a bassist] crank out four heavy tracks on this EP and by the sound of it, they are a band worth watching.  Mixing a dark, sludgy, downtuned sound with influences as diverse as [to my ears, anyway] bands such as the mighty Prong, a bit of Weedeater, then chucking in some Sabbath-y riffs, a touch of Corrosion of Conformity, and a massive, crushing guitar attack, they have got me excited.

Released on 10th May, this is a fine investment of 3 Euros, and all the tracks stand up, my faves being ‘Urania‘, which is fabulously heavy, ‘Way Before‘, which is more metally, and ‘Roadtrip‘, which is stoner heaven.  Get it now, and we’ll keep you updated on their actions, which include the recording of a debut album – here’s a quick update from drummer Robert, who got in touch to let me know what they are doing:

“We will also tour a little bit of Denmark and Germany this autumn (September or so). We’re also heading e-lite culture festival near Berlin this July (19-22), cameral stoner rock event in Stolzenhein (100km from Berlin) with Lonely Kamel, Tschaika, Sungrazer, Ruins of Wyrd, etc.”