Does anybody know??

The mighty Spears from Florida made my summer last year.  Their first LP, “Shove” was hardly off my ipod.  Every track was a stormer, and the combination of sleazy punk riffing and Chris Barrows’ tremendous voice, both pissed and whiny at the same time, was unbeatable.

So I have discovered that the band have, as promised, recorded tracks for a new album [although I don’t know whether the rumoured Gregg Ginn cameo happened]; and below is one of them.  The band’s Facebook page reveals that the tracks are all locked up and playfully teases that they ‘may never be released’.

Below, an advert for a show states:

“The spears are doing our final show on saturday jan 19 at mojos records and books on fowler ave in tampa (mojos is in the plaza just east of university sq mall). There are 7 really good bands and it is FREE. The spears play around 9 pm”

So can anybody wise me up?  Have the band split?  I know that there are various ‘other’ projects going on, most notably Down by Law.

Leave me a comment if you’re any the wiser.


The Spears Live DVD

The Spears are one of my fave bands, combining as they do the talents of former members of DRI [former drummer], Down by Law, Hated Youth and of course their fantastic lead singer, the legendary Chris Barrows, who used to sing for Pink Lincolns.  So enjoy, and await the new album that is rumoured to be in the pipeline – can it get any better than the last one?  Apparently it features the one and only Gregg Ginn guesting on guitar!  In the meantime they have released a live DVD which look like it is well worth a look.

And here is the Bandcamp stream of ‘Shove’, their debut album, which I have to say has hardly been off my IPod for weeks.  If you didn’t buy this album then check out what you’ve been missing – it’s the best, sleaziest punk rock I’ve blasted my eardrums with in ages!